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High-paying Canadian jobs for international students

high paying job for international students in canada

If you’re considering studying in Canada and hoping to stay in Canada permanently, there are a variety of pathways available to you. One of the key considerations for those hoping to settle in Canada is finding a job with a high salary. That’s why we’ve conducted research to help you determine which degrees will help you secure the best jobs in Canada. Before you enroll in any classes, take a look at this article to learn more about your options for studying in Canada and landing a high-paying job.

RBC’s Top 10 Most Valuable Degrees:

Trends and Options for Canadian Studies The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) recently released a list of the 10 most valuable degrees in Canada. We’ve analyzed it to provide you with insights into some of the best Canadian study options. Below are some trends and options from RBC’s list:

Engineering Degrees Engineering emerged as the top-earning field in Canada, with four of the top ten degrees in this field. If you want a high-paying career, engineering is a good option as it demands a strong foundation in mathematics and sciences with expertise in a particular area. RBC’s list includes Civil Engineering, Specialized Engineering, Software Engineering, and Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, with the last one being the highest paying.

Engineering degrees often require mandatory internships or co-op work during studies, which is a great opportunity for international students to gain Canadian work experience, providing an advantage in the Canadian job market.

According to the report, the following engineering degrees have average salaries in Canada as listed:
Civil Engineering ($80,080 CAD)
Specialized Engineering ($85,009 CAD)
Software Engineering ($90,001 CAD)
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering ($104,000 CAD).

Healthcare Degrees

As Canada’s population ages, the demand for healthcare professionals is growing. Nurses and pharmacists made the RBC list, and those with a passion for science and a love for humanity can pursue these careers.

Nurses and pharmacists must undergo an examination and licensing process upon graduation to practice professionally. However, after obtaining a license, finding a job is relatively easy.

Nurses and pharmacists had average salaries of $84,510 CAD and $102,398 CAD, respectively.

Business and Finance Degrees

For those interested in business and finance, several programs on RBC’s list provide high-earning career opportunities. Strong leaders and business administrators are crucial to every successful business, making business and finance an excellent choice for high paying careers.

Business Administration, Finance, and Business & Management Science (MS) are three programs on the list with a high average salary. If you have a business degree and work experience, you can pursue a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in Canada to enhance your leadership and management skills.

Business Administration, Finance, and Business & Management Science (MS) degrees had average salaries of $85,508 CAD, $103,376 CAD, and $110,000-115,000 CAD, respectively.


The following degree programs had average salaries in Canada as stated:
Civil Engineering ($80,080 CAD)
Specialized Engineering ($85,009 CAD)
Software Engineering ($90,001 CAD)
Chemical and Petroleum Engineering ($104,000 CAD)
Nursing ($84,510 CAD)
Pharmacology ($102,398 CAD)
Business Administration ($85,508 CAD)
Finance ($103,376 CAD)
Business & Management Science (MS) ($110,000-115,000 CAD).

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