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Why Study in Canada: Top 10 Reasons To Study in Canada

top 11 reasons to pursue studies in canada and study in canada
  1. Why study in Canada?
    Work as you learn. In Canada, you can work as an international student, which is not always the case in other countries. Even if there are work opportunities, they might be limited. However, in Canada, you can earn money while studying, gain work experience, and pay for your education. Find out more about working in Canada as a student.
  2. Affordable tuition fees.
    Although as an international student, you will still pay more than locals, it is still a more affordable option compared to other countries such as Australia, United States, and United Kingdom. You can also work part-time to cover your expenses.
  3. A supportive community of half a million.
    With more than 500,000 international students studying in Canada, you will never feel alone. There are students from different countries, and they can share their experiences with you. You can also learn from their experiences and get advice on how to navigate the Canadian education system.
  4. High-quality education.
    Canada is home to some of the best universities and colleges globally, with a diverse range of courses that can prepare you for the changing job market. You will receive a quality education that will give you a competitive advantage when you enter the workforce.
  5. Access to the Canadian workforce.
    Canada has a post-graduation work permit that allows international students to work for up to three years, irrespective of their field of study, employer or location. It also provides you with the flexibility to change employers to gain more work experience.
  6. Easy immigration to Canada.
    As an international student, you can gain permanent residency in Canada through the Express Entry system, which awards bonus points for Canadian study and work experience. The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are also available in different provinces, making it easy to apply for permanent residency.
  7. Bring your family along.
    You can bring your spouse or partner and kids to Canada with you. They can study or work while you complete your education, and they can also enjoy the benefits of living in Canada.
  8. Travel around Canada.
    Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with six time zones and diverse landscapes, from snow-capped mountains to sandy beaches. You can explore the country while you study, and it might inspire you to stay even longer.
  9. A relaxed lifestyle.
    Canada is known for its laid-back culture, where people can enjoy their life to the fullest. You can make friends, go for coffee, or grab a bite to eat after a busy day of studying or working without feeling pressured.
  10. Become a Canadian citizen.
    Canada makes it easy for permanent residents to become citizens. Once you become a Canadian citizen, you will have access to the same rights and privileges as any other Canadian, including the right to vote and obtain a Canadian passport.
  11. Canada is a welcoming country.
    Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world. It has a multicultural society that celebrates diversity and encourages people from different backgrounds to come together and thrive. By choosing Canada as your study destination, you are choosing a country that values education, diversity, and inclusivity.
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