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Mary Ann Go - Immigration Consultant

Decades of Experience with Canadian Immigration

Hello! I am Mary Ann Go and let me share to you my story.

Years ago, I also longed for a much better life than the one I was living in my home country despite the comforts there. I wanted to grow more as a person, challenge myself to widen my horizons and have more career and income opportunities, and in the process, also provide a better life and a brighter future for my family.

I took a decisive step and worked on migrating to Canada. It was not an easy process but with fierce determination and the kind help and solid assistance of people who have also served as my mentors, I achieved my dream of living in Canada.

Today, I am a practicing Paralegal and Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant of ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council). I have accumulated almost a decade of experience and expertise in all areas of Canadian immigration programs. I can competently and accurately determine the best path to take for those dreaming to migrate to Canada- whether through applications for permanent residence such as Spouse and Partner Sponsorships, Express Entry Applications, Super Visa, Business Permanent Resident Application, Self Employed Program and Humanitarian Cases. I also do applications for temporary residence including Work Permits, Study Permits, and Visitor Visas, as well as Permanent Resident Card renewals and Citizenship applications.

I am also a Paralegal, a Commissioner of Oath in Alberta, and a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for more than a decade now.I wholeheartedly founded New Beginnings Legal Service because I wanted other dreamers like yourself to enjoy the same help extended to me by the people who paved the way for me to move here in Canada. I also want other smart and talented individuals to also benefit from the same complete and sound guidance I received when I migrated to Canada.
Over the years, I have helped and guided a number of people and families to successfully migrate to Canada. My strong desire to help more individuals fulfill their dreams of moving to this great and welcoming country is fueled further by empathy knowing I was once in the same position as you are now.

My successful journey to Canada made me realize something that has since become my mantra and mission: that everybody deserves a new beginning whatever their nationality is, and whatever part of the world they live in.

Most of all, I also want to give that similar care and helping hand I had generously received so that those dreaming of starting their new beginnings in Canada, no matter how tough your journey may be, will never feel alone. You will always have an adviser, a mentor, a cheerleader, a coordinator, an advocate, and a friend and family in me as you pursue their Canadian dreams.

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