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IRCC issued a warning on October 7, 2022, about unauthorized work. They announced temporary public policy measures that would allow certain students to work full-time off-campus during their studies. However, this policy did not take effect until November 15, 2022. If you worked full-time between October 7 and November 14, 2022, you likely did so without authorization.

It is essential to read the fine print of the public policy carefully to avoid any issues. The policy applies only to students currently in Canada or those planning to enter before December 31, 2023. To qualify, students must have a valid study permit, and their study permit application must have been received by IRCC on or before October 7, 2022. Also, the study permit must be approved by IRCC.

There are several restrictions that students need to be aware of, including not being allowed to work full-time off-campus if they are enrolled in a general interest program, a prerequisite program, or if their program is less than six months in duration. Students can only work after they have started their program of study in Canada, and if their intensive program has no regularly scheduled breaks, they cannot work full-time under the public policy.

Additionally, students can only work off-campus during the first 150 consecutive days if their program allows for scheduled breaks that are longer than 150 days. If they create their break, it will be considered a leave from studies, and they will not be authorized to work at all. Students must also stop working as soon as their full-time status becomes part-time during a regular academic session, and during a DLI strike, students can only work part-time.

Once a student receives written confirmation of program completion from their DLI, they are no longer authorized to work in Canada at all until they submit their PGWP. It is crucial to disclose any periods of unauthorized work or study when applying for a PGWP, study permit, visitor visa, visitor record, or Permanent Resident application. Failure to disclose unauthorized work or study could result in being refused temporary status or being found inadmissible for misrepresentation and barred from Canada for 5 years.

If you have any concerns or questions about the temporary public policy or your immigration status, it is best to seek advice from a Canadian immigration lawyer. We will provide the necessary guidance and assist you with your immigration application.