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One of the first choices you’ll have to make while exploring the complex world of Canadian immigration is whether to handle the procedure alone or seek the assistance of a licensed adviser. This decision can significantly impact your immigration process; it can affect everything from how simple it is to apply to how likely it is to succeed. We’ll examine the benefits and drawbacks of DIY projects vs consulting with a qualified professional in this blog article, emphasizing Calgary, a city well-known for its thriving immigrant community. We want to provide the information you need to choose the immigration option that best meets your goals by examining the benefits and potential drawbacks.

Immigration Consultant Calgary: Do It Yourself vs. Hire a Consultant

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Do It Yourself (DIY) Approach

While DIY immigration processes are less expensive and give you more control, they may appear to be a good option. This method is popular among those who want to use their program firsthand and save money. However, it may be difficult to understand the complex immigration laws and procedures in Canada, and even a tiny error in your application can cause delays or even denial. You could become overwhelmed by the paperwork and requirements without the help of an expert, which could result in mistakes that could have been prevented with professional direction.

Hiring a Licensed Consultant

However, the immigration procedure may be made a lot simpler by working with a certified immigration expert. These experts will ensure that your application is correct and complies with all standards because they know Canadian immigration rules and regulations. They may offer customized advice based on your unique circumstances, raising the possibility that your application will be accepted. Although using a consultant comes at an extra cost, guaranteeing a well-prepared application and peace of mind can make the money worthwhile. Consultants can also save you time and effort by handling the paperwork and administrative duties.

Why hire an Immigration Consultant when you can Do it Yourself (DIY)

There are several advantages to hiring an immigration consultant, which may expedite the process and raise the possibility of a positive result. The do-it-yourself method may appear more affordable, but without professional assistance, navigating the complexity of Canadian immigration rules and procedures may be challenging. A licensed consultant ensures that your application is correct, comprehensive, and timely by bringing significant experience and knowledge. Additionally, they may provide individualized guidance based on your particular circumstances, resolving any worries or problems that could arise along the way. Furthermore, consultants are aware of typical traps and may assist you in avoiding expensive errors that might compromise your program. Working with an immigration professional may simplify the procedure, providing comfort and the best possibility of reaching your immigration objectives.

The Advantages of Hiring

Choosing a licensed immigration consultant may significantly boost your immigration process and has many important benefits.

1- Avoid Costly Mistakes
Avoiding expensive errors in your application is one of the biggest advantages of working with a professional. Consultants guarantee that your application is error-free and satisfies all standards because they know immigration rules and regulations. You will save time, money, and irritation by lowering the possibility of delays or rejections.

2- Understand Permits & Regulations
It might be difficult to navigate the many permissions and laws related to the immigration procedure. A consultant can help you choose which sort of permit best suits your needs by explaining the many available types. This increases the possibility that your application will be accepted by ensuring you select the appropriate permission for your circumstances.

3- Guidance in Visa Selection
It might be difficult to choose the best visa for your immigration objectives with so many alternatives available. A consultant may offer advice on the visa selection process and assist you in selecting the one that most closely matches your objectives and situation. By doing this, you may be confident that your application is accepted.

4- Understanding & Resolving Complex Issues
Immigration applications may contain complicated matters that need specialized skills to handle. A consultant may assist you in comprehending these concerns and resolving them successfully, preventing unanticipated difficulties from derailing your application.

5- Well-Prepared & Well-Presented Applications
Consultants are adept at creating and delivering applications that are understandable and polishedly. Their expertise in including pertinent details and presenting them impactfully enhances your application’s likelihood of acceptance.

6- Verified Documentation & Process
Consultants may confirm that you have finished all required steps in the application procedure and that your documentation is in order. This lowers the possibility of mistakes and omissions that cause hold-ups or rejections.

7- Up-to-Date Knowledge About Laws & Follow-Ups
Being current with immigration rules and regulations is crucial since they are subject to frequent change. Consultants know these developments and may offer advice on how your application might be impacted. They may also inquire about the status of your application and make sure it moves through the system without any problems.

DIY Immigration Disasters

Often, the do-it-yourself method of immigration can result in expensive errors and unforeseen difficulties, which are sometimes called “DIY immigration disasters.” These mishaps can vary from straightforward form-filling mistakes to more significant problems that lead to application rejection or even legal repercussions. Typical DIY immigration calamities include:

In summary, even though the do-it-yourself immigration method may sound appealing, it frequently results in unexpected challenges and problems. You can keep these mishaps clear and ensure a smoother immigration procedure by consulting with a professional immigration Consultant.

Ask Mary: Should You Hire a Canadian License Immigration Consultant?

Many people ask if they should hire a licensed immigration consultant like Mary Ann Go to help them navigate the complexity of the Canadian immigration system. Mary, a seasoned expert in the area, stresses the need to make an informed choice depending on your situation. She emphasizes that while doing things yourself might seem like a good idea, particularly for people trying to cut money, there are dangers involved, such as making mistakes in documentation or failing to meet deadlines. However, having your application handled by an experienced expert might give you peace of mind when working with a licensed consultant. When making this choice, Mary suggests considering elements including your case’s intricacy, financial situation, and degree of familiarity with the immigration procedure. Ultimately, she advises speaking with a specialist to weigh your alternatives and choose which is best for your immigration process.


In conclusion, it’s important to consider carefully before deciding between doing it yourself or consulting with a licensed immigration consultant. Although the do-it-yourself method may appear economical initially, it may result in expensive errors and unexpected challenges. However, work with a professional consultant like Mary Ann Go of New Beginnings Immigration (NBI). She can provide the knowledge and direction you need to navigate the Canadian immigration system effectively. Mary Ann Go is invaluable in your immigration journey because of her commitment to clients and thorough understanding of immigration rules. Make an educated choice that fits your objectives and situation, regardless of whether you decide to do it alone or get expert help. You might consider contacting NBI for specialized help suited to your immigration requirements.


Is it better to hire an immigration consultant in Canada?
Hiring a Canadian immigration consultant can be beneficial as they have expertise in the immigration process and can improve the likelihood of your application being approved.

Which consultancy is good for Canadian immigration?
Mary Ann Go owns New Beginnings Immigration (NBI), a reputable consulting firm renowned for its individualized attention and proficiency in Canadian immigration.

How do I choose a good immigration consultant?
Consider an immigration consultant’s success record, reputation, and expertise before hiring them. Additionally, it’s critical to confirm that they hold an Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) license.

How long does it take to process a Canadian student visa application?
Depending on the nation and the season, processing periods for applications for student visas to Canada differ. The processing of a student visa application typically takes four to six weeks.

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