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Many Turkish students aspire to pursue their education in Canada, and with good reason. The universities of Canada are widely recognized for their extensive array of programs and superior educational standards. In addition to offering an exceptional education, studying in Canada also provides many prospects for future employment. For Turkish students interested in studying in Canada, we will discuss the admissions process, visa requirements, and other pertinent details in this blog post.

Why Study in Canada from Turkey?

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Quality & Exceptional Education Options

Its reputation for providing high-quality education is a significant factor in Turkish students’ decision to study in Canada. Canadian higher education institutions consistently achieve high rankings internationally, providing an extensive array of programs and courses that cater to the diverse requirements of students. Canada has programs that will accommodate your career objectives and areas of interest, be they business, the arts, or engineering.

High Quality of Life

A nation known for its superior standard of living, Canada attracts a significant number of international students. The nation provides a secure and hospitable setting, characterized by a heterogeneous populace that places importance on cultural assortment and integration. Canadian cities consistently achieve high rankings globally in terms of quality of life, providing students with a diverse array of recreational, cultural, and entertainment prospects to appreciate.

Skill Development

Students have the chance to acquire a variety of talents that are highly sought after by businesses by studying in Canada. The goal of Canadian universities is to give its students a well-rounded education with an emphasis on communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. These abilities help students succeed in their chosen occupations and are useful not just in the classroom but also in their professional lives.

Career Opportunities

Students hoping to launch successful careers find Canada appealing destination due to its robust economy and job environment. Turkish students have many options while they study in Canada since several programs include co-ops and internships that let them obtain useful job experience concurrently with their studies.

Affordable Tuition

Canada is known for its excellent educational standards, but when compared to other popular study-abroad locations like the US and the UK, it has more reasonably priced tuition. Studying in Canada is now more affordable for Turkish students because of the abundance of financial assistance and scholarships available to help with tuition costs for foreign students.

How Much Will I Have to Pay for the Student Visa?

Several factors, such as the kind of visa you are applying for and whether you are applying online or through a visa application center (VAC), might affect the cost of a student visa for Canada. The cost of applying for a study visa in Canada as of 2024 is $150 CAD. You could additionally have to pay CAD $85 for biometrics in addition to the application fee. The most recent information may be found by visiting the Government of Canada’s official website. It’s crucial to remember that these fees are subject to change.

How to Apply for Admission to Canada from Turkey

Step 1: Research Your Options

To figure out which Canadian institutions and programs best suit your interests and professional objectives, do some research.

Step 2: Check Admission Requirements

Examine the academic prerequisites, language proficiency criteria (such as TOEFL or IELTS scores), and any extra requirements for admission to the programs you are interested in.

Step 3: Apply to Universities

Once you’ve decided which colleges and programs to apply to, follow the application guidelines provided by each. Usually, this entails filling out an online application and sending in the necessary paperwork, which includes a statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and transcripts.

Step 4: Receive Offer of Admission

The institution will extend an offer of admission to you if your application is accepted. The details of your admission, including any requirements you may have, will be described in this offer.

Step 5: Apply for a Study Permit

Once you’ve been accepted, you can apply for a study permit in Canada. A visa application center (VAC) or the internet are the two ways you may apply. You will be required to submit documentation confirming your identification, proof of financial support, and proof of admission from an approved educational institution.

Step 6: Pay the Fees

Pay the study permit application fee and any other costs, including the biometrics charge.

Step 7: Wait for Processing

Wait for your application to be processed after submitting it. The amount of applications received and the time of year might affect processing delays.

Step 8: Receive Study Permit

You will be granted permission to study in Canada if your application is accepted. Throughout your visit in Canada, be sure to thoroughly read and abide by the terms stated in your permission.

Applying for a Canada Study Visa from Turkey with NBI

Applying for a student visa to Canada from Turkey is a simple procedure through NBI, which is owned by Mary Ann Go. Turkish students wishing to study in Canada may receive all the help and direction they need from NBI, which guarantees a simple and easy application procedure. You may get professional guidance from NBI on financial assistance possibilities, admission criteria, and visa application processes. For Turkish students starting their study abroad adventure, NBI is the perfect partner because of their individualized approach and meticulous attention to detail. Put your trust in NBI to help you fulfill your goal of pursuing a degree in Canada.


In conclusion, there are many advantages to studying in Canada for Turkish nationals, including access to excellent academic programs, a wide range of program alternatives, a high standard of living, and fantastic employment prospects. The application procedure for admission and a study visa might be intimidating, but with the correct direction and assistance like that offered by NBI it can be a simple and fruitful process. Turkish students can have a good academic career in Canada if they prepare ahead and make the most of the resources available. Studying in Canada is a great way to extend your horizons and create lifetime experiences, so don’t pass it up.


How long does it take to get a Canada study visa from Turkey?
A study visa from Turkey to Canada can be processed in a variety of times, but usually takes four to six weeks. In order to plan for any unforeseen delays, it is recommended that you apply well in advance of the day you want to start.

Can I get a Canada visa from Turkey?
Turkish nationals can indeed apply from Turkey for a visa to Canada. The application procedure is providing the necessary paperwork, which includes a valid passport, proof of financial support, and an acceptance letter from a Canadian university.

How do you get to Canada from Turkey?
To get from Turkey to Canada, you’ll need to make airline reservations. Direct flights are available from several Turkish cities to Canadian cities, including Istanbul to Toronto and Istanbul to Vancouver.

What is the minimum bank balance for a student visa in Canada?
In Canada, there is no set minimum bank amount needed to get a student visa. You will, however, have to provide proof that you have enough money to pay for your living expenses, tuition, and return travel. It’s advised to make sure you have enough money in your bank account to cover the costs of your education in Canada.

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