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There are many advantages to studying in Canada for students from Kazakhstan, such as its world-class education system, a wide range of cultures, and beautiful scenery. As you start this exciting academic journey, you must be sure of yourself and understand how things work. New Beginnings Immigration (NBI), which the respected Mary Ann Go runs, wants to help students like you follow their dreams of attending school in Canada. NBI’s knowledge and personalized help will make it easy for you to handle the complicated application process, study pass requirements, and university choice. Come with us as we talk about how learning in Canada can benefit you and all the opportunities.

Why Study in Canada?

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For students from Kazakhstan, studying in Canada is a one-of-a-kind and valuable experience. Canada is known for having a great education system that focuses on hands-on learning and new ideas. In addition, Canada is a global and diverse country where students can meet people from around the world and learn about their cultures. Beautiful natural scenery in the country, like mountains, woods, and lakes, makes it a great place to study in peace and inspiration. Canada is also known for having a society that is open and friendly to everyone. This makes it a safe and pleasant place for international students to live and study. Learning in Canada can help you learn new things, get better grades and job prospects, and discover exciting new possibilities.

Application to Study in Canada – Study Permit

1- Understanding the Study Permit Process
Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) gives study permits to foreigners who want to study in Canada at designated learning institutions (DLIs). Before you can apply for a study pass, you need to get an acceptance letter from a DLI. The acceptance letter is an essential piece of paperwork that shows you can get a study pass.

2- Study Permit Requirements for Kazakhstani Students
To get a study permit, you must show a legal visa, proof that you can pay for the program, a letter of acceptance from a DLI, and evidence of ties to your home country. It is important to ensure that all papers are correct and up to date and, if necessary, translated into English or French.

3- Eligibility Criteria for a Study Permit
To get a study permit, you must show that you have been accepted into a DLI, have enough money to pay for your education, living costs, and transportation back to Canada, and plan to leave Canada when your study permit runs out.

4- Applying for a Study Permit Online
The quickest and most accessible way to apply for a study pass is to go to the IRCC website. The online application method is easy to use, and you can check on the progress of your entry at any time.

5- Processing Time for Study Permit Applications
The processing time for an application for a study pass depends on the number received and the time of year. It’s important to apply for your study pass a long time before you want to start so that it has enough time to be processed.

Minimum IELTS Score for Canadian Universities

Most Canadian universities require international students, including those from Kazakhstan, to show that they can speak English or French well. One of the language tests that most Canadian colleges will accept is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). The lowest IELTS score needed varies by university and school, but 6.0 to 7.0 is required for most undergraduate programs. For graduate programs, a score of 6.5 to 8.0 may be needed. To ensure you meet the minimum IELTS score requirements, you should look at the language standards of each school and program you’re interested in.

Study in Canada Fairs in Kazakhstan

Study in Canada events and fairs are great ways for Kazakhstan students to learn more about learning in Canada and meet people from Canadian colleges and universities. At these events, people can often find out about study programs, how to apply, get scholarships, and get a student visa. Going to a Study in Canada fair in Kazakhstan can help you learn valuable things, make intelligent choices about your plans to study abroad, and meet experts who can help you with the application process. These events happen once a year on average and make it easy to learn about your study choices in Canada.

Work and Immigration Opportunities for International Students

International students in Canada, including those from Kazakhstan, can work and move to Canada in several ways. Students can work part-time on or off campus while they are in school to earn extra money and gain valuable work experience. International students can get a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) after school. This permit lets them work in Canada for up to three years. The PGWP is an excellent way for students to get job experience in Canada, which can help them when they apply to move to Canada. Canada also has several immigration options for international students who want to live there permanently. These include the Express Entry system and provincial nominee programs. These programs prioritize international students who have studied and worked in Canada. This makes it easier for them to move to Canada permanently.

Study & Immigration Advice in Canada for Kazakhstan

The complicated steps needed to study and move to Canada can be scary, but with the right help, the process can go smoothly and be very satisfying. Students from Kazakhstan can get a lot of help and information from New Beginnings Immigration (NBI), which the experienced Mary Ann Go runs. As an immigration consultant in Calgary, NBI can help you understand how to get a study permit, pick the right college or university, and find your way through the different immigration options for international students. NBI wants to help you reach your academic and legal goals in Canada, whether you need help with study permits, finding work, or getting permanent residency.


Kazakhstani students can do a lot of great things while they are studying in Canada. With the right help, it can even change their lives. Under the expert direction of Mary Ann Go, New Beginnings Immigration (NBI) is dedicated to helping students find their way through the complicated process of learning and moving to Canada. NBI gives you the tools and support you need to succeed in school and immigration, from help with study passes to information on jobs and immigration options. Remember that NBI is here for you every step of the way as you start this exciting new part of your life.


Is it possible to stay in Canada after completing studies?
Yes, international students in Canada may get a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) that lets them work in the country for up to three years after they graduate. This work experience could help you when you apply for immigration in the future.

How to immigrate to Canada from Kazakhstan?
Individuals from Kazakhstan can move to Canada through various channels, such as the Express Entry system, provincial nominee programs (PNPs), and family support programs. Each program has its own set of rules and ways to apply.

How to immigrate to Canada if I am a resident of Kazakhstan?
There are many ways for people from Kazakhstan to move to Canada, including the Express Entry system, provincial nominee programs (PNPs), and family support programs. You should look into what each school asks of you and choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is Alberta express entry?
Alberta Express Entry is a part of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) that lets the state of Alberta recommend people who want to come to Canada to the federal Express Entry system. People with skills and knowledge in high demand in Alberta’s job market can go through this stream.

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