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Entering Canada as an international student is an exciting milestone, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges, especially at the airport immigration checkpoint. Understanding what to expect can make this process smoother and less stressful. Immigration officers ask various questions to ensure that your visit is legitimate and that all your documents are in order.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the top five questions you might encounter at the airport during Canadian immigration. Being well-prepared will help you navigate these inquiries confidently and start your Canadian journey on the right foot.

Top 5 Questions Asked from Students at Airport During Canada Immigration

Why Immigration Officers Ask Questions

When you arrive in Canada, immigration officers play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of the country. Their primary job is to confirm your identity, verify your student status, and understand your intentions. This process helps prevent illegal activities and ensures that you meet the requirements for entering Canada as a student. By asking a series of questions, officers can quickly assess if everything is in order. Understanding the purpose behind these questions can help you prepare better and approach the immigration checkpoint with confidence.

Topo 5 Questions Asked from Students at the Airport

1: What is the Purpose of Your Visit?

One of the first questions you’ll encounter at the Canadian immigration checkpoint is, “What is the purpose of your visit?” This question is designed to verify that your intentions match the visa you have been granted. For students, the answer is straightforward: you are here to pursue your studies. Be prepared to mention the name of your institution and the program you will be attending. Providing a clear, concise response shows that you are well informed and organized, setting a positive tone for the rest of your immigration process.


2: Which University Will You Attend in Canada?

When asked, “Which university will you attend in Canada?” be ready to provide detailed information about your educational institution. This question helps the immigration officer verify your student status and ensure that you are enrolled in a legitimate program. Mention the full name of the university, your program of study, and possibly even the campus location. Having your admission letter handy can be very useful here. Answering confidently with specific details reassures the officer that you have done your homework and are fully prepared for your academic journey in Canada.

3: Do You Have Proof of Sufficient Funds?

When immigration officers ask, “Do you have proof of sufficient funds?” they want to ensure that you can financially support yourself during your stay in Canada. This is crucial for avoiding any potential financial difficulties while you study. Be ready to present documents such as bank statements, scholarship letters, or financial guarantees that show you have enough money to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other costs. Organized and clear documentation will demonstrate your preparedness and financial stability, helping to smooth your entry into Canada.

4: Where Will You Be Staying?

“Where will you be staying?” is a common question to confirm that you have arranged for your accommodation in Canada. Whether you plan to stay in a university dormitory, a rented apartment, or with family or friends, be ready to provide the address and some details about your living arrangements. Having a clear plan for your stay reassures immigration officers that you are well-prepared and have thought through your living situation. Make sure to keep any related documents, such as your dormitory acceptance or rental agreement, easily accessible to show the officers if needed.

5: What Are Your Plans After Graduation?

When asked, “What are your plans after graduation?” immigration officers are trying to gauge your long-term intentions. Are you planning to stay in Canada, return to your home country, or perhaps pursue further studies? While it’s essential to be honest, your answer should reflect thoughtful planning and realistic goals. Discuss your aspirations, whether it’s gaining work experience in Canada, continuing your education, or contributing to your home country with the skills you’ve acquired. A well-considered response shows that you have a clear vision for your future, which can positively influence the officer’s perception of your intentions.


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angelica joy maluenda bongato
angelica joy maluenda bongato
Mary Ann Go was exceptionally professional, kind, and understanding. She attentively listened to my questions about my work permit application and guided me through the completion of all necessary documents. My experience with NEW BEGINNINGS IMMIGRATION was truly outstanding, all thanks to Ma’am Mary Ann Go. She went above and beyond to assist me with additional documents, ensuring that every detail was in order for my work permit. Her dedication and commitment to the accuracy and completeness of my application were remarkable. Throughout the entire process, they were always available to address my inquiries promptly. I am immensely grateful for their attention to detail. I highly recommend New Beginnings Immigration to anyone seeking immigration services, particularly for work permits. With professionals like Ms. Mary Ann Go, they have the potential to assist countless others in the same outstanding manner. Thank you Ma’am Mary Ann!
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Gloria Abah
My experience with New Beginnings Immigration Consultant was a great one. Thanks to Marry Ann Go and her team for the great job they do in processing visas for immigrants
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Danah Lara
Ms. Mary Ann is very professional, the process was really quick. Her directions was all clear and not complicated, she is easy to communicate and very responsive. Will answer your questions right away. Highly recommended!
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Marvin Sabado
First of all I want to thank God for granting my prayers, my visa application as a temporary worker was approved and of course with help of NEW BEGINNINGS IMMIGRATION  led by Mary Ann Go and team  #1. Very professional  they can answer your questions immediately they lead you in the right way regarding submission of docs. I highly recommend  NEW BEGINNINGS IMMIGRATION. #family #dreamcanada #newbeginningsimmigration
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Sparkle Aliesha
Thank you so much Maam Mary Ann for your help and support Your are the best ..Awesome!!! Proven and tested
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Willie Posadas
I am forever grateful and heartfelt thanks to Ma’am Mary Ann Go, for processing my document fast. I’m forever indebted to you for your support. God bless and more power! Highly recommended!
Willy Posadas
Willy Posadas
I am forever grateful and heartfelt thanks to Ma’am Mary Ann Go, for processing my document fast.I’m forever indebted to you for your support. God bless and more power! Highly recommended!
Jordan Madriaga
Jordan Madriaga
I gve 5 star for mary an go. She is good on her work. She help me to process all my documents and she help me to fix the error in my work permit when the officer did mistake in my documents. Thank you ms. Mary an go. Good job 👏👏
Keith Macanas
Keith Macanas
I had a wonderful experience working with New Beginnings Immigration. Their team of experienced immigration consultant helped me to get my Study Permit with ease. They were always available to answer my questions throughout the process and I appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to ensure my application was complete and accurate. I highly recommend New Beginnings Immigration to anyone in need of immigration services.

NBI Tips Before Travel to Canada

Before embarking on your journey to study in Canada, follow these essential tips from NBI, your trusted immigration and study consultants in Calgary, Alberta:

  1. Organize Your Documents: Ensure all your essential documents are in order, including your passport, study permit, admission letter, and proof of funds.

  2. Prepare Financial Proof: Collect and organize bank statements, scholarship letters, and any financial guarantees to demonstrate your financial stability.

  3. Plan Your Accommodation: Secure your accommodation and keep a copy of your rental agreement or dormitory acceptance letter ready.

  4. Know Your University Details: Familiarize yourself with the name, location, and details of your university and program. Keep your admission letter handy.

  5. Understand Canadian Immigration Laws: Stay informed about the latest immigration regulations and requirements to ensure a smooth entry process.

  6. Health and Travel Insurance: Arrange for adequate health and travel insurance to cover any medical emergencies during your stay.

  7. Pack Essentials: Pack according to the climate and requirements of your new home. Don’t forget important items like medications and personal care products.

  8. Stay Informed and Connected: Keep in touch with NBI for the latest updates and support during your travel and initial settlement in Canada.


Navigating the questions posed by immigration officers at the airport is a crucial step in starting your academic journey in Canada. By understanding and preparing for these common inquiries, you can ensure a smoother and more confident entry process. Remember to stay calm, be honest, and keep all necessary documents readily accessible. This preparation not only eases your passage through immigration but also sets a positive tone for your entire experience in Canada. Welcome to the start of an exciting and enriching adventure in your new academic home!


How are you doing today?

This is a common icebreaker. Answer politely and confidently to set a positive tone for the interaction.

Why did you choose Canada?

Highlight the quality of education, diverse culture, and opportunities for personal and professional growth as reasons for choosing Canada   .

Who will cover your expenses here?

Explain your funding sources, whether through personal savings, parental support, scholarships, or financial aid, and have proof ready if needed.

Have you been to Canada before?

Answer honestly, providing details of any previous visits if applicable, to help the officer understand your travel history.

Have you applied to any other college/university?

Discuss other applications briefly, focusing on why you chose your current institution as the best fit for your academic goals.


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