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Alberta, a province known for its stunning landscapes and booming economy, has taken a significant step forward in enhancing its immigration strategy by introducing the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Tourism and Hospitality Stream. This innovative initiative addresses the growing demand for skilled workers in tourism and hospitality, which is crucial for Alberta’s economic recovery and sustainability.

By providing a tailored pathway for immigrants with the skills and experience vital to this industry, Alberta enriches its cultural diversity and strengthens its position as a leading destination for tourists and professionals alike. This stream represents a strategic move to bolster the workforce, ensuring Alberta remains competitive and prosperous nationally and globally.

Alberta’s New AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream

Why is Alberta launching a Tourism and Hospitality Stream?

Alberta is launching the Tourism and Hospitality Stream as part of its Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) to address the acute labor shortages in its tourism and hospitality sector. This strategic move aims to attract skilled workers and professionals who can contribute to revitalizing and sustaining one of the province’s most vital economic sectors, especially in the wake of challenges posed by the global pandemic. By doing so, Alberta supports the growth and recovery of local businesses and enhances its attractiveness as a premier tourist destination, ensuring the sector’s long-term success and resilience. This initiative reflects Alberta’s commitment to supporting its key industries and maintaining its competitive edge in the global market.

AAIP Eligibility Criteria for the Tourism and Hospitality Sector

For individuals interested in the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Tourism and Hospitality Stream, understanding the eligibility criteria is crucial. Here are the key points that outline who can apply:

  1. Occupational Requirement: Applicants must currently work in Alberta in an eligible tourism or hospitality occupation. This ensures that candidates have relevant experience and are already contributing to the sector.
  2. Employment Status: Candidates should have a full-time, permanent job offer from an Alberta employer in the tourism and hospitality sector. This job offer must be in an eligible occupation to qualify.
  3. Work Experience: A minimum amount of work experience in the eligible tourism and hospitality occupation is required. This experience can be obtained either within or outside of Canada and showcases the applicant’s expertise and commitment to the field.
  4. Language Proficiency: Applicants must meet a specified minimum language proficiency in English or French. This ensures they can effectively communicate and perform in their roles, contributing to a positive customer experience.
  5. Residency Status: Individuals must have a valid temporary resident status in Canada that permits work. This criterion ensures that the applicant is legally able to work and reside in the country.

How to apply for AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream?

Applying for the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) Tourism and Hospitality Stream involves a few straightforward steps. Initially, ensure you meet all the tourism and hospitality sector eligibility criteria. Next, secure a full-time, permanent job offer from an eligible Alberta employer. Then, gather and submit all required documents, including proof of work experience, language proficiency, and the job offer, through the AAIP online portal. Finally, await a decision while your application is reviewed for completeness and eligibility, keeping an eye on any communication for additional information or next steps.

Benefits for Applicants and Alberta’s Economy

  1. Stable Employment Opportunities: Applicants gain access to secure job positions in Alberta’s growing tourism and hospitality sector, providing a steady income and career growth opportunities.

  2. Economic Growth: The influx of skilled workers supports the recovery and expansion of the tourism and hospitality industry, crucial for Alberta’s overall economic health.

  3. Cultural Diversity: Immigrants enrich the cultural fabric of Alberta, bringing new perspectives and experiences that enhance the province’s appeal as a multicultural destination.

  4. Increased Tourism: Skilled workers in the tourism and hospitality sector can elevate the tourist experience, attracting more visitors and boosting the local economy.

  5. Workforce Development: By addressing labor shortages, the AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream contributes to building a skilled, resilient workforce, ready to meet future industry demands.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program vs. Express Entry

The Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) and the federal Express Entry system are both pivotal to Alberta’s immigration strategy, but they serve different purposes and operate under unique mechanisms.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is a province-specific initiative designed to meet Alberta’s distinct economic and demographic needs. It offers several streams tailored to various sectors and skill levels, including the new Tourism and Hospitality Stream. AAIP allows Alberta to nominate individuals with the skills and experience the province needs, encouraging them to settle in Alberta permanently.

Express Entry is a federal immigration selection system that manages applications for three of Canada’s main economic-class immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program, and the Canadian Experience Class. Alberta can access the Express Entry pool to select candidates who meet specific provincial needs and invite them to apply for provincial nomination under the Alberta Express Entry Stream.

Alberta Immigration Streams

Alberta offers a variety of immigration streams under the AAIP, each designed to support different groups of applicants, from skilled workers to entrepreneurs:

  1. Alberta Opportunity Stream: For individuals already working in Alberta and have a job offer from an Alberta employer.
  2. Alberta Express Entry Stream: This stream allows the province to nominate candidates from the federal Express Entry pool who have strong connections to Alberta or who can contribute to the province’s economic development and diversification.
  3. AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream: This stream specifically targets professionals in the tourism and hospitality sector, aiming to address labor shortages in this vital industry.
  4. Foreign Graduate Start-up Visa Stream: This stream encourages international graduates from top U.S. and Canadian institutions to start businesses in Alberta.
  5. Rural Renewal Stream: Designed to attract immigrants to Alberta’s rural communities to stimulate economic growth and address demographic challenges.

What occupations are eligible for the Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream?

The Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream under the Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP) is designed for individuals in critical positions within this vibrant sector. Eligible occupations often include crucial roles in the operation and success of tourism and hospitality businesses. These typically encompass a range of positions such as chefs, cooks, restaurant and food service managers, hotel front desk clerks, housekeeping and cleaning staff, and other critical support roles within the accommodation and food service industries. By focusing on these essential occupations, the stream aims to address the labor shortages and ensure the sustainability and growth of Alberta’s tourism and hospitality sector.


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angelica joy maluenda bongato
Mary Ann Go was exceptionally professional, kind, and understanding. She attentively listened to my questions about my work permit application and guided me through the completion of all necessary documents. My experience with NEW BEGINNINGS IMMIGRATION was truly outstanding, all thanks to Ma’am Mary Ann Go. She went above and beyond to assist me with additional documents, ensuring that every detail was in order for my work permit. Her dedication and commitment to the accuracy and completeness of my application were remarkable. Throughout the entire process, they were always available to address my inquiries promptly. I am immensely grateful for their attention to detail. I highly recommend New Beginnings Immigration to anyone seeking immigration services, particularly for work permits. With professionals like Ms. Mary Ann Go, they have the potential to assist countless others in the same outstanding manner. Thank you Ma’am Mary Ann!
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Gloria Abah
My experience with New Beginnings Immigration Consultant was a great one. Thanks to Marry Ann Go and her team for the great job they do in processing visas for immigrants
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Ms. Mary Ann is very professional, the process was really quick. Her directions was all clear and not complicated, she is easy to communicate and very responsive. Will answer your questions right away. Highly recommended!
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Marvin Sabado
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Willie Posadas
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Willy Posadas
I am forever grateful and heartfelt thanks to Ma’am Mary Ann Go, for processing my document fast.I’m forever indebted to you for your support. God bless and more power! Highly recommended!
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Jordan Madriaga
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Keith Macanas
I had a wonderful experience working with New Beginnings Immigration. Their team of experienced immigration consultant helped me to get my Study Permit with ease. They were always available to answer my questions throughout the process and I appreciate their attention to detail and commitment to ensure my application was complete and accurate. I highly recommend New Beginnings Immigration to anyone in need of immigration services.

Unlock Success in Alberta’s Tourism with NBI

Embark on a journey towards a flourishing career in Alberta’s vibrant tourism sector with NBI, your premier immigration consultant in Calgary, Alberta. At NBI, we understand the intricacies of navigating Canada’s immigration pathways and are here to guide you every step of the way. With the expertise of Mary Ann Go and our dedicated team, we specialize in transforming your aspirations into reality. Whether you’re seeking to explore the rich opportunities in hospitality or tourism, NBI is your trusted partner, ensuring a seamless transition into Alberta’s dynamic workforce. Let us help you unlock the door to success in one of Canada’s most promising sectors.


In conclusion, the Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream represents opportunities for those looking to make their mark in these industries and the province’s economic and cultural prosperity. Through the strategic vision of immigration consultants like Mary Ann Go of NBI in Calgary, this initiative is expertly navigated, offering a pathway to success for many. With their guidance, applicants can confidently embark on a journey to enrich Alberta’s tourism and hospitality landscape, contributing to a vibrant and thriving community. NBI is a cornerstone in this transformative era, leading with expertise and dedication toward a brighter future for Alberta and its newest residents.


Q1: What is the hospitality stream in Alberta?
A: Alberta’s hospitality stream, part of the AAIP, targets individuals with experience in the hospitality sector. It facilitates immigration for those in occupations like food and beverage services and hotel management.

Q2: Which stream is best for hospitality?
A: The AAIP Tourism and Hospitality Stream is specifically designed for hospitality professionals, making it the best choice for professionals seeking opportunities in Alberta’s tourism industry.

Q3: How to Leverage Alberta Work Experience for Immigration?
A: Utilize the Alberta Experience Stream, which recognizes the value of local work experience in sectors like tourism and hospitality for a smoother immigration process.

Q4: What are the eligible industries for the Alberta Tourism and Hospitality Stream?
A: Eligible industries include accommodation, food and beverage, and recreational and entertainment services pivotal to Alberta’s tourism.

Q5: How should one get ready for the Tourism and Hospitality Stream in Alberta?
A: Gain relevant work experience, ensure language proficiency, and understand the specific requirements of the Tourism and Hospitality Stream to prepare for a successful application.

Q6: What is the difference between AAIP and AINP?
A: The AAIP (Alberta Advantage Immigration Program) is the updated version of the AINP (Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program), designed to better align with Alberta’s current economic and labor market needs.

Q7: What is the Alberta PR stream for international students?
A: The Alberta Opportunity Stream offers a pathway to permanent residency for international students who have graduated from an Alberta post-secondary institution and meet specific criteria.

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